Frequently Asked Questions


TopFreelance is focused on being the best freelance marketplace for experts, where you don’t have to worry about constantly looking for new clients or having to apply for low-paid jobs like on other platforms.

In order to bring you the best clients and projects, we invest money in advertising to promote your portfolio. This is just a small price that helps us maintain our servers and database and helps us spend more on marketing to you.

At TopFreelance you don’t need create an account, apply for jobs or compete against unfair competition. We don’t take comissions from your projects, all you earn is 100% yours. 

That’s why we require to pay a small price to become a member Don’t worry it’s just one time payment, not a monthly susbcription. You won’t be charged ever again.

We promote your portfolio and profile to all of your 50.000 clients and invest money in marketing campaigns that help us attract more visitors to our website and clients to you.

The average time is usually 1 week. Although everything will always depend on the type of client and the profile that the client seeks in our platform.

You need to wait 1-3 days to get a response from our clients. If a client didn’t contact you back or contact us at so we can match you with a different client and project.

We will always try to get a response faster, but we can’t control the client’s behaviour

You are free to reject a project and move with another client if you want. 

Make sure to let the client knows that you are not interested, so we can match you with another client.

When a client needs to hire a freelancer in our website, it needs to complete a questionnaire that require info like budget, size of the company, hourly rate, deadline…etc.

We only accept clients that are willing to pay 5000$ of budget at least or 80$/hourly rate.

Please understand that we are still growing as a platform and we work hard to find the perfect client for you. We have a rigorous process to qualify and filter clients, that means that we don’t accept certain clients that are not willing to pay the salary and hourly rate that you deserve.

For that reason we may take a bit longer to get you clients and projects, but we do our best to provide you good projects that matches your skills every week. 

The 80% of our clients are USA, CANADA, UK and Australia based. We are expanding our platform to LATAM and Spain as well and you can be matched with clients and projects from spanish countries. If you are not interested in working for english clients, please let us know and we will try to match you with projects that matches your requirements.

If you want us to remove your profile and your data from our marketplace, please send a request on the support page with the subject “I want to remove my profile from the network” clicking here

Please note that if you delete your profile, you will need to pay 6$ to join the platform again.



Hire a freelancer in 3 easy steps:

  • Find a freelancer through the Experts Page

  • Select a freelancer that match the skills and experience that you are looking for

  • Click on Hire Expert. You will be redirected to the freelancer’s email and you can contact the freelancer directly.

If you don’t find the right fit for your project, let us the work to us and we will introduce you 2-3 experts to you.

You can contact us at on the contact page and we will create a support ticket.

Please note that TopFreelance recommends making every attempt to resolve any issues with your freelancer, but if you are unable to solve the issues about your project we will match you with a different freelancer.

We fight agains fake profiles and we only accept experts that have more than 5 years of experience in our platform. If you have found a freelancer that goes against our policies, let us know and we will remove the freelancer from our platform. 

If you have decided to hire a freelancer, we will send you both a contract to sign in order to accept our policies and assure that both parties are agree in working on the same project. Once you signed the contract, you are ready to work with the freelancer.

In topfreelance you don’t need to search for the great candidate in hundreds of proposals. You send us your project requirements and we match you with 2-3 professionals that match the skills needed for your project. We make the candidate seeking process more faster.